About Us

About Us
We provide home and pest inspection services in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne.

For Contractors
Describes how a home or pest inspector can get contract work with Inspect It.

For Professionals
Describes how property conveyancing lawyers and other professionals can get home inspection assistance from Inspect It.

Describes benefits offered that are true points of difference for Inspect It Clients.


Inspection Services

Building Inspection
Inspect It provides a range of home and building inspection services including a prepurchase inspection and completion report.

Completion Report
Provide specific detail on Inspect It’s completion Report

Pre-Purchase Inspection
Provide specific detail on Inspect It’s Pre-Purchase Inspection Report

Report Support
Inspect It provides a 24hr turn-around on home and pest inspection reports.

Pest Inspection
Inspect It provides extensive pest inspection services including termite inspection.


Order Your Inspection

Order Your Inspection
Instructions on how to order a home or pest inspection from Inspect It.

Inspection Order Form
Order from for ordering a home or pest inspection from Inspect It.

Support Pages

Recent announcements from Inspect It.

Home and Pest Inspection customers provide testimonials on their experiences with Inspect It.

Photo Gallery of Pest and Home Building problems discovered by Inspect It.


Useful Links

NSW Building Act
Read about the legislative requirements of building inspections in NSW.