REPORTS for AUCTION BUYERS Auction, Pre-Sale, Vendor Reports Here’s how REPORTS for AUCTION BUYERS works… Inspect It >> conducts a Building & Pest Inspection for your Vendor at an agreed price. Agents refer interested Purchaser’s to Inspect It >> for a copy of the report. (This encourages purchaser commitment & buy-in to purchasing the property.) Sounds great right!! Inspect It’s […]

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The bright side of property Inspections It’s true! There is a bright side to property inspections for Vendors. Not all news is good news, but we focus on solutions. At Inspect it our motto is to help everyone. We conduct property inspections for potential Purchasers but we also want to be able to help you, […]

Ben’s say on Property Inspections … “Buying a home is the biggest purchase decision most people will make in there lives.”  “As a building inspector, providing people with the knowledge to make an informed decision is the most satisfying aspect of my job. I almost always find issues that will cost a lot more to […]

What Alana’s saying about Building Inspections … “The first feeling that comes with property searching is excitement! Inspections are not the for- thought when purchasing your next home or investment, but it should be. “ “We are your first port of call. Before you sign on that dotted line with the most helpful and professional agent […]

Why Strata Inspection is a MUST Before Buying Before entering into any real estate contract, it’s extremely important to book a pre purchase inspection. Whether it’s a house or a commercial property, you need to be aware of the current state of the building you are interested in. There could be underlying problems that may […]

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CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW HOME!                                   DID YOU KNOW? Home Building Contracts entitle you to a 90 Day Home Maintenance Service where your Builder rectifies, repairs or replaces any defects. Most Builders will contact you at the 90 Day Maintenance time […]

Property Investment made profitable

How to Make Property Investment More Profitable Just about anyone can invest in property these days. With a plethora of options available and numerous ways to finance purchasing them, more and more people are building a portfolio of investment properties. Investing in property can be a very lucrative enterprise, but to succeed in doing so […]

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The Qualities of a Reputable Property Inspector ‘It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.’ —  Sherlock Holmes A reliable property inspector must act like Sherlock Holmes. He must be an expert in the art of deduction, […]

New roof frame

I have attached a picture of an item I discovered in 2006 while completing a pre purchase home inspection. When this builder ran out of timber, no problem, just take the traffic barricade and use that – problem solved. I called this new roofing member a Traffic Rafter – from its origin Traffic Barricade.

If you’re planning to have a pre-purchase inspection in Sydney, there may be some things in the inspection report that may confuse you or you may want to know more of. Especially if it’s your first time getting a building inspection, you may not be too familiar with the terms indicated in the report. One […]