The bright side of property Inspections

It’s true!

There is a bright side to property inspections for Vendors. Not all news is good news, but we focus on solutions. At Inspect it our motto is to help everyone. We conduct property inspections for potential Purchasers but we also want to be able to help you, the Vendor, too.

Family buy the house post inspection

Finding Solutions To Help You Sell

We are here to help you find solutions and current opportunities where the information we provide can improve the saleability of your property. A key area to this is ensuring your inspection is conducted before your property is due to enter the market. By engaging an Inspector you and the agent can assess the best options moving forward. This may be minor maintenance or disclosure to potential purchasers.

Moreover, we aim to build strong and positive relationships with property agents to gain their trust and that of the Purchasers. It’s important for Agents, Vendor’s and Purchaser’s to know we are approachable and here to assist them.


We look forward to helping you with your property inspection when it comes time to sell.