$99* Vendor Reports for Buyers

How it WORKS!

Auction, Pre-Sale or Vendor Report is a comprehensive Building & Pest Property Inspection Report for the Vendor prior to selling.  Inspect It >> will inspect the property and provide a PDF report document to the Agent.

The Agent can refer potential Auction Bidder’s or Buyer’s to Inspect It >> to purchase a copy of the Inspection Report for $99.  The successful Bidder / Buyer is to pay the balance of the Inspection Report price for refund to the Vendor.  This reduces the Vendor’s cost to $99.


Inspector Planning with clients$550 Initial cost to Vendor
$  99 Report copy cost to Buyers
$451 Successful Buyer pays
$451 Refund to Vendor

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Post …


Report expiry – Should the time between initial inspection and purchase be greater than 60 days the reports validity lapses together with the Vendor’s eligibility for a refund.

Copy not sold to Buyer – If the successful purchaser of the property did not purchase a copy of the Inspection Report, and does not wish to purchase the report in their name, the Vendor is not eligible for a refund.  Signing of this form is acceptance of these Terms.

* After refund is applied. # The price of the inspection is dependent on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms within the dwelling, inclusions and if there are more than one dwelling on the property i.e. A Granny Flat, stables, sheds.